Dr. Mariko Fujikawa

        Dr. Fujikawa introduced one of the best cases of practicing for policy initiatives and advocacy by women in NPOs/NGOs. The Japanese holds NGOs in high esteem as they allow them to act as a voice when it comes to creating legislations. Experts and specialists are chosen as members of committees that make a difference is said policies. Dr. Fujikawa talked about birth rates, infertility rates, and the rate of abortions, amongst others. She advocates for sex education as many people are not educated and place themselves in danger.

        The case presented is Dr. Kyoko Tanebe. Dr. Kyoko has supported many sexual assault victims whose perpetrators were their own doctors. She is a part of an NPO for Japanese medical professional women, teaches junior high school students about sex education and is devoted to launch a center for victims of sexual violence. Not long after she became a politician who was supports by the sexual assault victims who she supported and her Ob/Gy’s, both male and female. Thanks to her position as an assembly member Dr. Kyoko has been able to push forward policies that aid women in the fight for gender equality. Unfortunately, as mentioned throughout the presentations, women are not supported in politics, so her run was cut short. Dr. Fujikawa highlighted the importance of everything she did for Japanese women.