2013 PPSEAWA第25屆國際年會

25th PPSEAWA International Conference 2013

時間Date: 2013.08.26-08.30
地點Venue: Suva, Fiji
主題Theme: Managing the Environment for a Sustainable and Peaceful World

中華民國泛太平洋暨東南亞婦女協會10-人代表團,參加國際總會第25屆年會 The 10-delegates of PPSEAWA Taiwan participate the 25th Pan-Pacific & South-East Asia Women’s Association’s triennial conference in Fiji, 2013.
斐濟學生撐中華民國國旗進場,PPSEAWA Taiwan團員與國旗及撐掌國旗的學生合影。 Poly Chang (left), youth representative of PPSEAWA Taiwan, is together with Fiji students holding flags at the opening ceremony.
PPSEAWA Taiwan團員與斐濟總統夫人Adi Koila Mara Nailatikau合影The delegates from PPSEAWA Taiwan are with Fiji’s first lady Adi Koila Mara Nailatikau. They give gifts including traditional round-type fan to the first lady.
與總統夫人及總統合影。 Four delegates from PPSEAWA Taiwan are taking photo with Fiji’s president.
新娘及婚宴民俗表演。 The performance of the traditional Chinese bridal ceremony.
本會攤位,展示台灣文宣品。 The exhibition booth of PPSEAWA Taiwan.
青年代表合影。Youth representatives of PPSEAWA International.
年會會場 The general assembly.
凌渝英國際副理事長與青年代表合影及代表台灣角逐國際副理事長(2013-2016)職位。Ms. Sophia Ling is talking photo with youth representatives, and she is representing PPSEAWA Taiwan as one of nominates of the PPSEAWA International council election.
領隊凌渝英當選2013-2016國際副理事長。Ms. Sophia Ling from PPSEAWA Taiwan is once again elected as one of the vice president of PPSEAWA International.
中華民國駐斐濟商務代表團代表程其蘅邀晚宴款代台灣代表團,台灣代表團團員與國際理事會顧問 Ms. Valerie Hogan 及其他團員合影留念。 Ms. R. Jane Cheng, representative of the Trade Mission of the Republic of China in the Republic of Fiji, invite Taiwan delegates for a dinner party. Taiwan delegates are taking photos with Ms. Valerie Hogan, advisor of PPSEAWA international council and other countries’ delegates.