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In response to the UN Environment Day, PPSEAWA Taiwan, ROC initiated a visit to the most renowned low carbon community in Taipei.



  減碳生活已經是我們應有的生活態度,不再只是口號、標語!地球暖化所產生的氣候異常、殺傷力十足的天然災害,這些都是我們正在面對的;為了更舒適而安全的生活,PPSEAWA 希望透過參觀見習低碳社區活動,能將低碳生活的概念與具體作法帶入每個人家庭生活中。讓我們共同以「減碳」態度面對每一天的生活!拯救我們僅有的美麗地球!


  本會2016年將於馬來西亞舉辦3年一度國際大會,屆時將有2、3百名來自泛太平洋各會員國會員出席會議。2016大會主題為「尊重環境,創造永續和平未來」Respect the Environment for a Sustainable and Peaceful Future,中華民國分會將以如何營造低碳社區的主題,向泛太平洋各會員國展現、分享台灣推動低碳生活的卓越成績!

 In response to the main theme of the 26th PPSEAWA International Conference 2016: “Respect the Environment for a Sustainable and Peaceful Future”, as well as the June 5 UN World Environment Day, PPSEAWA Taiwan, ROC, under the arrangement of the Association’s advisor Dr. Eugene Chien, initiated a visit to Taiwan’s most successful low carbon community on June 18. The delegation led by President of PPSEAWA Taiwan, ROC, Ms. Regina Chen, visited the renowned low carbon community in Taipei, Chien Tan District. During the visit, members of association were first briefed by the Administrator of the district, Mr. Bi wu-liang, introducing the past and status quo of the community, followed by a comprehensive tour of various low carbon infrastructure of the community.   

 Chien Tan District was regenerated from a messy, old and falling apart compound for military dependents a few years ago. And the sole promoter who successfully transformed this old compound into an outstanding example for low carbon community is none other than the Administrator of the district, Mr. Bi wu-liang, a retired military officer, who has devoted all of his time and energy to actively solving problems for the residents of the community. A totally innovative attitude and management in comparison with the old style of management in the past years.

 Ever since Mr. Bi took office, a series of efforts of promoting “Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability” and a low carbon environment have been initiated. This includes “walk together to school for students”, reducing carbon emission of vehicles within the community, creating “urban oasis” by promoting green vegetation on the roof and facades of buildings, and as a result, the average indoor temperature of those buildings was reduced by more than 5 degrees Celsius. In addition, by installing energy saving lightings, collecting renewable energies, and encouraging families to turn off unnecessary lightings, considerable energy were saved. In public areas of the community, Mr. Bi also installed several sets of solar panel, and it was sufficient enough to support electricity for public usage of the community. In 2012, Chien Tan District was certified by British Standards Institution as a “carbon neutral” community, which made the Chien Tan District the first “carbon neutral” community in Taiwan. With cleaner environment, a healthier community followed. In 2013, the community was presented the “bronze International Award for Livable Communities”  

 Carbon reduction has become an attitude of life that we all should follow. It is no longer a slogan or banner! The climate change and devastating natural disasters are all we currently facing. In order to pursue a safer life, the PPSEAWA Taiwan, ROC hopes that through the visit of the low carbon community this time, the practice of a low carbon concept can be introduced to the everyday life of our members. Let us join together hand in hand to live every day with “low carbon” attitude, and save our one and only beautiful planet!

 At the end of the visit, President Regina Chen specified that, in addition to echoing the UN Environment Day as well as the main theme of the 26th PPSEAWA International Conference 2016, what was more important was that through bring into full play a low carbon daily life by each family, such as replacing old and high energy consuming electronic appliances, walk more drive less, reducing carbon emission, Afforestation for a comfortable living environment, installation of solar panels for public electricity….etc., the whole community and eventually the whole city would gradually develop into a low carbon living environment for each one of us!        

 The 26th PPSEAWA International Conference 2016 will be held in Malaysia. During the conference, more than two to three hundred members from various chartered member countries will attend the important event. In response to the main theme of the conference this time: “Respect the Environment for a Sustainable and Peaceful Future”, the PPSEAWA Taiwan, ROC will concentrate on the subject of “how to work toward a low carbon community”, and share with every participating member nations the remarkable achievements of promoting “low carbon” life in Taiwan!