PPSEAWA第15屆第7次理監事會 The 7th Meeting of Supervisory Board
PPSEAWA第15屆第7次理監事會 The 7th Meeting of Supervisory Board
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  自民國102年7月接任中華民國泛太平洋暨東南亞婦女協會(PPSEAWA Taiwan)以後,對這成立於1928年且為國際總會『PPSEAWA (Pan-Pacific & South -East Asia Women’s Association)』 International的創始會員國,也是國內最早的國際性婦女團體之一的協會,即以經營企業的經驗,重新定位PPSEAWA台灣的工作方針--以國際交流促進國民外交。以協會本身之利基,發揮其與一般婦女團體的『差異化』,冀望86歷史的協會,不但永續經營,更能開創嶄新的未來。
 PPSEAWA International (Pan-Pacific & South -East Asia Women’s Association) was established in 1928, and PPSEAWA Taiwan is the chartered member.
   Therefore, PPSEAWA Taiwan is one of few pioneers of international women’s organization around the island. When I became the president of PPSEAWA Taiwan in July 2013, I have defined our endeavors into international exchange in order to promoting citizen diplomacy. With my business experience and expertise, I emphasis on our niches and make difference with other women organizations. I hope that our 86-year-history association in Taiwan would be sustainable and stepping into new era.  

  PPSEAWA International (國際總會)的會員國總共有20個國家,遍佈太平洋區域。其宗旨為促進世界和平、倡議兩性平權、提升婦女教育、建康及工作能力。PPSEAWA International在聯合國具有相當重要INGO (國際非政府組織)地位,在婦女社團眾多諮詢委員會中,共有9位代表長駐聯合國,參與各組織及基金會的會議,提供諮詢意見,以供聯合國決議案之參考,深受各國政經首長們的重視。


 The Pan Pacific and Southeast Asia Women’s Association (PPSEAWA) is the only international women's organization devoted to families, peace and understanding in the Pacific and Southeast Asia.

 Since the founding of PPSEAWA in 1928, in Honolulu, Hawaii, its membership has grown to 20 national associations, and many of them having several local chapters. It is an all-volunteer organization and is financed by contributions from individuals, organizations, and PPSEAWA member associations.

 PPSEAWA International has Consultative Status in Category II to the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), with the privilege and responsibility of making its voice heard in international decision-making. The organization is represented at the United Nations in New York, and Geneva, and at ESCAP, UNICEF, and UNESCO.