“Unite the Diverse” 藝同募款計畫

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 “Unite the Diverse” is a collective effort of a group of performing arts students from all over Taiwan that advocates for cultural, ethnic, and educational equity.
#藝同​ 一群來自台灣,關心種族、文化和教育平等議題的表演藝術者一同發起的計劃。

We recognize that inequity arises from differing environments and resource availabilities, especially within the current education system. Through our film, we hope to celebrate cultural diversity and create opportunities for those in need.
#異同​ 當前的教育資源分配不均,引起社會歧視與不平等,期望藉由影片傳達尊重、包容且鼓勵多元化的觀念。

In collaboration with Teach for Taiwan, an organization creating equal educational opportunities in Taiwan, and the Pan Pacific and Southeast Asia Women’s Association (PPSEAWA), we seek to alleviate the inequity present in our society.
#一同​ 攜手”為臺灣而教(Teach for Taiwan, TFT)”、”泛太平洋暨東南亞婦女協會(PPSEAWA)”,力求減輕我們社會中存在的不平等。

*All credits are in the description box of this Youtube link 演職人員請見YouTube說明欄👉🏻 https://youtu.be/fIKV4XdD3DI

The film has been selected as the winner of the Young Women’s Fund Award, presented by PPSEAWA International.
本專案由本會青年會員發起,並獲得PPSEAWA總會Young Women’s Fund支持。

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